Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sunny Sixties Mother~Daughter Aprons

Some Mother ~ Daughter Aprons

Had some fun with these ones.  I had enough fabric to make 3 aprons in different sizes and somewhat different styles.
I try to make all my aprons adjustable to fit anyone comfortably.  It's hard to size them very accurately due to this, but I try!
They ended up fitting my 8-14 year old as well as myself and my Mom.
So here's the photos!
3 matching aprons ~ Mother/Daughter styles
The 2 on the Left are available for purchase ~ $25 each.
On a 8 year old girl

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8 Year old girl apron on shortest adjustment

Same apron on a 10 year old girl

With straight neck straps, she preferred the next adjustment

10 year old liked the feel on the
criss cross on longest adjustment

This one fit my 10 year, my 14 year old and myself!

Close up of ladies "Mother" apron

Back of ladies apron

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