Thursday, 14 March 2013

My first table runner

I love doing something for the first time ~ when I finally work up the nerve to do it!

Taking the scissors to this retro fabric was hard to do, but I dove in and was very pleased with the results.  So many times I just don't get things done because I fear they won't be perfectly what I had in mind.  It's especially hard when you want to give it to someone.  Sometimes I just have to do it and see what happens.

So this is meant to look a bit like a window.  It was for a friend who enjoys retro like me!

 I made it reversible, as sometimes this friend has red curtains in her kitchen and sometimes green.

 The little hearts are also genuinely old and added a fun little touch.
Now that one is done, I had saved a little bit of the same fabric for a small one for to the sewing machine!