Thursday, 29 November 2012

A little bag for your shopping

Made a little shopping bag for all your shopping needs ~ fully lined, could actually be reversible, whatever you'd like ~ $5

Christmas Table Runners

Yes, I will admit that I am always happy with myself when I try something new.  Not everything turns out as imagined (I have a GREAT imagination, but limited talent) but I get a lot of satisfaction just from trying it.

I tried a new technique and made some table runners.  I love the technique and will keep experimenting with it.

I will apologize now for the bad pictures...
Table runner #1 front

Table runner #1 back

Table runner #2 Front

Table runner #2 back

Table runner #2 close up
The photos show them slightly warped... they are available for $15 each

Camoflauge aprons for little brothers

2 Brown/Tan Camo denim aprons ~ Both have pockets and would be adorable on 2 little brothers. ~ $10ea

Sz. 2-3, large divided pocket along the bottom

2 functional pockets, one perfect for a little car or truck

Sizing difference shown with the one placed on the other

Boy's Scooby Doo Apron

Fully lined and fully adjustable boys Scooby Doo apron with little front pocket ~ $10

Retro Inspired Half Apron

This little half apron made us all think of Minnie Mouse as she was baking a cake ~

Half apron with red rick-rack trim, red bow accent and front two sided pocket

Retro Inspired Half Apron ~ $15

Secret Garden Girls Apron

I had many items in my "UFO" box ~ UnFinished Objects ~ so I started piecing them together and this cute little apron came together.

Apron approx. size 5-10. 
 "Secret Garden" girls apron ~ Double lined bib front, adjustable tie neck, double ruffle and tie waist

"Secret Garden" girls apron ~ $15

Crochet hook & needle clutch

Seeing as we girls are all into crocheting right now, there seem to be a few crochet hooks laying about and never in an organized fashion.

I searched for some photos online of different clutches to hold the hooks and did a little experimenting.  This is what I came up with.
Three Crochet Hook & Needles Clutches
 They have room for your small scissors and ruler, etc... everything in one place!
Crochet Hook & Needle Clutch ~ $12 each

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sonshine Apron

Way too long ago, I picked a winner for a free apron and she has been patiently waiting for her apron to arrive in the mail. 

While thinking about how to sew this apron for my giveaway winner, I felt prompted that she is like a ray of sunshine to those around her.  That God's love should shine through her and that Jesus is shining his Sonshine onto her and her family as well.  So, sunshiny yellow it was!
Sonshine Apron

Wrap around ties
 All was well, I was feeling very pleased with myself that the apron was completed and could soon arrive in her mailbox... then I had some 4 legged friends come check it out.
 "Cariboo Gals" is sure a good name for this endeavor and my life out here in the Cariboo!

Tie adjustable neck strap, she can experiment with bows, etc

A heart to remind her of God's Love for her, each and every day

Saturday, 1 September 2012

3 Aprons for 3 Nieces

I love these nieces to pieces.
They picked out material for their aprons and were gracious that they took 8 months to get to them!

They were even gracious about a mistake I made on one of them.  Time pressure sewing doesn't always work in my favor when my mind is busy on moving. 
Happy they will enjoy baking with these on

Friday, 24 August 2012

Pink Lemonade Ladies Apron

This one was requested to be "pink and funky" ~ this is what I came up with.
 I actually bought a sundress, then upcycled it into this apron, that's why it looks a little more dressy.
 Wrap around yellow ties

 Little bow on the waistline

Cookies 'n' Creme Mother Daughter Aprons

A friend had given me some material to use for an apron for her daughter in law.  It was in black/cream tones and the sizes dictated the look of the apron.  I was very pleased with it and oh my, there was enough to make a little girls apron as well!

Mother Daughter Aprons like Cookies'n'Creme

Mom's apron with 2 pockets and wrap around waist
 I had just just enough eyelet to make a hem, it was fun to use up some of my sewing bits and pieces
Daughter's apron
 Daughter's apron has 2 little tucks/pleats in the bib and adjustable neck strap as well.  Hopefully she will grow into it and get a little use out of it.
 Mom's pocket has a lace trim
 Girls apron with a little bow, this could be taken apart to lengthen the strap if need be.
Silly me modelling the Mom's apron

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The "pillow" Tote Bag

This tote bag was made from material that a cousin sent over to me.  She had bought it for something else that never materialized, so she thought it would go nicely as a tote. I added the contrast brown lining and I think she could even make it reversible if she wants.

Fulled lined/reversible sling tote with 4 pockets

 I've been taking a break from my sewing in order to enjoy a family vacation (the girls first time to the ocean!) and also now to pack up to move three provinces.

Sure felt good to sew again!  Now I'm onto my next apron order and trying to get the last 6 done quickly before we move!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Where are my canning jars?

Ever start the summer canning season asking yourself the question
"Where oh where are all my canning jars?  Didn't I have more than this??"

That is me.  Sent my willing hubby to the root cellar outside to look.  He came back with some, but not the ones I wanted.  So I went a 'lookin' ~ oh there you are my canning jars!  Right where I left you ~ in the root cellar with canned peaches, dilled carrots, tomatoes and such in them.  HUMMMM

Maybe I can go a little easier on myself this canning season?

Are 32 jars of cherries a little excessive?  ha ha!  Did 6 jars of saskatoons and 3 batches of strawberry/rhubarb jam so far.

I think I'll start up the dehydrator now ~ dried herbs are a little easier to move than jars of cherries!

Happy canning everyone!

Friday, 20 July 2012

A little summer fun

Yes, I have been a little absent from the blogging world ~ trying to keep up on the garden, chickens and packing for our move in October.

This is some of what we have been up to ~
 Nothing tastes so great as our own strawberries ~ completely red and juicy throughout the whole berry.  I've been busy pinching off all the runners so they pour their juice into their fruit instead.  Had a friend over yesterday and told her that come fall, she can come and dig them up and plant them at her place.
 There is a small lake within walking distance of us and since we have become friends with most of the cabin owners there ~ we get access to their docks! 

Until next time...
While we are busy with lots of items on our "to do" list, we want to take time to enjoy the summer heat and take time for our friendships.  I'm often heard saying "hurry girls!  let's get our chores done so we can play in the afternoon!"

Angie and the New Life