My Mission

My mission for this blog and venture is to encourage families in their daily living.  I long for the days of my childhood when I came home to yummy smells in the kitchen and my Mom wearing an apron.  As a Mom myself to three daughters, we love to don our aprons and get creative in the kitchen!
My goal is to encourage other Mom's to slow down and get out their aprons and smiles and get creative in the home with their own children.
Secondary, I am using my profits to fund a surprise trip for our family to go to an Aquarium to see some beloved Belugas.  That is my first goal and after that, we'll see!  My profits go to family outings that we would not otherwise be able to afford.
The tithe goes back to my customer friends in the form of giveaways!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Jolene - don't forget that Boden would love an apron! If you have not started it, he loves trucks, dinosaurs, planes.... I love your backdrop of the woodpile!! So very Cariboo.

    Hope to see you soon. Maybe I can buy you a cup of coffee for all the back and forth with Scholastic (but mainly just to spend a bit of time getting to know one another better).

    Love - D


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