Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sonshine Apron

Way too long ago, I picked a winner for a free apron and she has been patiently waiting for her apron to arrive in the mail. 

While thinking about how to sew this apron for my giveaway winner, I felt prompted that she is like a ray of sunshine to those around her.  That God's love should shine through her and that Jesus is shining his Sonshine onto her and her family as well.  So, sunshiny yellow it was!
Sonshine Apron

Wrap around ties
 All was well, I was feeling very pleased with myself that the apron was completed and could soon arrive in her mailbox... then I had some 4 legged friends come check it out.
 "Cariboo Gals" is sure a good name for this endeavor and my life out here in the Cariboo!

Tie adjustable neck strap, she can experiment with bows, etc

A heart to remind her of God's Love for her, each and every day

Saturday, 1 September 2012

3 Aprons for 3 Nieces

I love these nieces to pieces.
They picked out material for their aprons and were gracious that they took 8 months to get to them!

They were even gracious about a mistake I made on one of them.  Time pressure sewing doesn't always work in my favor when my mind is busy on moving. 
Happy they will enjoy baking with these on