Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Red Tote Bag

This one was great fun to make.  I had a request for a red tone bag.  I didn't have much for red fabric that caught my attention... until I noticed this red plaid shirt.  Perfect!  Then I found a flowered shirt and then ... oh my... I found a red corduroy little girls dress.  They all went together perfectly!

It took a little longer to cut out the pattern pieces and think how it could all work together, but this is the final result ~  Sorry for the bad photo quality, but it's late and the sun has long since gone down.

 Front and back of the flowered material with one pocket
Did anyone notice the "missing button"... well, I left it instead of fixing it.  I liked it that way... we're all missing a few of those :)
 Front and back of the red plaid material with a pocket and flower applique detailing with handstitching.
 A dragonfly applique on the strap
More details on this one coming.

Update ~ here are some details.  This tote is in the mail already, so I can blog more about it.
 It was made for a cousin who has a love of nature in her bones and did some time tree planting... I assumed she has wore some plaid in her lifetime.  I know her man has!
The flower was for some girl power and to take time to smell the roses, so to speak.
The corduroy material was from a little girls dress, and they have one of those too!
The dragonfly was her personal request, so I appliqued it on with gold thread to symbolize how precious she is in God's eyes.  Also a reminder to enjoy all those golden life moments.

I think it turned out very functional and pretty too....like most of us women right?!

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