Friday, 24 February 2012

First chicken eggs at 17 weeks old

The first incubator batch has reached 17 + weeks old and we are finding some cute little eggs in the pen.  They are still figuring out what the nest are actually for, but they are "Oh, so cute!" little eggs.  We got 3 eggs the other day.  One hen (Joel or Victoria) has been laying well enough that the eggs are almost as big as the hens eggs and yesterday's egg was a double yoker.

When a chicken starts laying, they are a little smaller eggs.  They get bigger and then at the end of their productive life the eggs get weirder and smaller again.  A chicken only has so many eggs.
We read chicken magazines for fun around these here parts!

They are yummy too.  We eat all the little eggs and leave the
big ones for customers.

Can't wait for the bantams to start laying so we can get blue/green and various sized eggs.  Just have to find 9 roosters new homes...maybe our egg production will go up!  They should be laying early early September by my calculations ~ they say anywhere between 17 - 20 weeks, but most around 20 weeks.

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