Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Valentine's Mug Rug Project

Yes, I have had these in my mind for such a long time!  I finally got 2 finished! 
The last straw was going to a cousin's in Coaldale and we made her a few and I thought "Jo, get your behind in gear!"  So I came home and made 2 for a friend in town.
 Isn't my cousin adorable with her Vintage 200 Series Singer Sewing Machine?  I turned it on, threaded it and it was humming away.  It feeds better than my machine, but then it started getting "flakey" on us.  We oiled it and did some things and I hope it is humming away for her again now!

 There's 3 of the ones she made ~ completed despite my little brain freezes on how to do the binding!  Sorry girl! 
Now onto the ones I finished!

 What is a "Mug Rug"??? Well, you put your mug on it of course!  It's a mini place mat.  Perfect for a cup of java or tea and your snack on the side or just your spoon.  It's meant to make you smile as you refresh yourself!
 These first too went to "Candi" who has been a good support to me out here and handed over a bunch of gardening/homesteading magazines too.  We don't get together for refreshments often enough!
Can you see the little heart design?
Making the heart design by following a paper cut out

Trying to miter the edges of the bias tape at midnight ~ 

Top look

Reverse sides

Difference between using pink thread or red thread. 
Also showed the difference between sewing at midnight and sewing at 10 am!  Ha ha.  Lesson learned!


  1. Yes the sewing machine is humming along nicely still. I have made 4 more mug rugs and a coaster from the extra fab. I am currently searching for an apron pattern so I can make one for my sister for her birthday!

  2. Love that last part. Time of day does make a difference with me too. Sometimes the next morning I will start sewing and see something and think "Why did I find that acceptable last night and not just do it over?"


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