Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pioneer Bonnets

Pioneer Bonnets

My three little girls love to play Pioneer and "Little House on the Prairie" type games.  We are blessed to have a few little one room cabins on the property we rent and they are wonderful for their imaginations! 
Below you will find some of the styles of Pioneer Bonnets that I make.
Girls size Small

Toddler Size to 3 years

Girls size 6-8

Girls size 6-8
Blue on right and Blue with purple on left

Girls size Small (Fits my 13 year old)

Girls size Small
Left side model is 10 years old, with a 21.5 inch head
Right side model is a 7 year old, with a 20.75 inch head 
The larger bonnets look fine on either head, as you see here.  They are the same size.  I couldn't get the toddler size ones to fit, they looked hilarious!

Left size 6-8, Right size 6-8

 Left size Small , Right size 6-8

Both size Small
Email me to confirm which ones you want!
They sell for $15 each for toddler and size small, $17 each for the larger sizes.

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