We often get asked questions about raising chickens, so here are some answers and blog posts about our chickens for your enjoyment!
Black Spot on Rooster's Comb This is about a mysterious black swollen spot on a young rooster's comb.
Frostbite on Rooster's Comb
Separating Chickens and Broody Hens 2012
First Chicken Eggs at 17 weeks old
Getting Chicks in the Mail!
Incubator chicks at 8 days, bantams at 4 days
Moving Chicks to Brooder Pen
Bantam Chicken Update at 3-4 Months Old
Bantam Chicks 1 month old
Sly ol' fox ~
1st Time Hatching Incubator Day 22
Incubator hatching eggs at Day 20
Hova Bator hatching eggs Day 19-21
Incubator eggs at Day 17
Candling Eggs in the Incubator
Non Fertile Eggs in Incubator
3rd Batch in the Hova-Bator
Starting to Incubate Eggs Day 1
A March 2012 Update with our new Rooster
Part 2 of the Chicken Update
A chicken update with pics of our breeds
Black Cochin Hen ~ Funeral
Disclaimer:  This post WILL in fact picture a dead chicken.  It is meant to show you "how to" skin an old laying hen and make some good soup!  I had a few requests for this, so here it is!

Butchering old Laying Hens

Building A Chicken Fence

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