Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Purrrr fect Happy Kitty Little Girls Aprons

I found this retro fabric in my stash and couldn't resist making 2 little girls aprons from it.

Approx size 2-5 little girls apron
 Pink button neck and ruffled bottom on this little apron.  Fully lined.

 Approx size 4-6 little girls apron with adjustable knotted neck strap

Both aprons together, the one is slightly larger than the other and both are Purrrfectly adorable and available for $15 each

Boys Reversible Apron

 Fully reversible boys apron in blues and reds.  Neck strap ties in a knot to adjust the length some.  Large front pockets.
Approx sizes 8-14 ~ $20

Apron Surprises

Any home educating Mother can probably relate to my dilemma ~ how do you surprise your children with anything when they are with you almost 24/7?  I have been trying to sew aprons for 2 of my girls for such a long time.
I finally had they cut out before Christmas, but didn't manage to finish them.  I am proud to say they are now finished though!  I sewed while they watched a movie in my room (yes, anything to get them away from my sewing area for 1 hour) and I sewed after they went to sleep and then even went to a friends place to sew in privacy!  LOL

Surprising them at breakfast

 For my teen who loves anything "brown", I did a fully reversible apron that had flowers on the one side and chocolates on the other.  Long wrap around ties and a ruffled bottom.
Chocolate Bon Bon material ~ I have more of this available


 Doing school work in the new aprons

 My nine year old loves red and was surprised that I remembered what materials she had liked!
Again, this one is fully reversible and should grow up with her as long as she doesn't out grow her Momma!  Wrap around ties and a neck strap that ties so it can be adjusted for length.
The only problem is that they don't want to get them dirty!  Let's see how long that lasts...