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Items available to purchase will be listed here with prices and sizes for your convenience. Just click on the highlighted and underlined Apron names to see some of the items.

Boys "Baker's Boy's" are made in manly color tones so they can be included in kitchen or workshop fun learning.  They always have pockets to hold a spoon or a toy car. Priced around $15.

2 Camoflauge boys aprons ~ $10 each
Boys Scooby Doo apron $10
Boys size 8-14 blue reversible apron $20

Girls Aprons ~ Available as reversible in the smallest sizes and in a few different styles.  Often made in your girls favorite color scheme, they may ask if it's their turn to dust just so they can wear their apron!  Prices range from $15 - $25
Girls size 5-8 Purple/Red Pinwheels ~ $20
2 girls Kitty Aprons, $15 each

Pioneer Bonnets $15

I will be adding "Night Caps" as well ~ like Laura Ingalls wore on Little House of the Prairie.  My 8 year old and 10 year old have been wearing them nightly for years now.  Keeps their hair in place and their heads warm!

Women's Aprons ~ Available as half aprons or full aprons in a few different styles.  Prices range from $25 - $35.

Sunny Sixties Teens or Ladies Small Apron $25 sold
Blue Chocolate Ruffle 1 Piece Apron $30 sold
Country Gingham Ladies Med. ~ $35 sold
Venetian Vacation 1 piece ladies apron $30

                                             Half Aprons ~ Some made to wrap around to tie in the front ~ $25
       2 Half Aprons ~ Pink Sweetheart and Black/Red Eyelet Trimmed sold

Tote Bags ~Available in 2 different styles at the moment and are fully reversible with pockets.  Priced at $15.                                                       Red Tote Bag    SOLD    Blue Bubbles Totes SOLD                                 Black 'n' Red 'n' White Tote Bag $15  
Purple Pinwheels ~ $15 (in photo) sold
Other Items of Misc Nature

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