Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Red Tote Bag

This one was great fun to make.  I had a request for a red tone bag.  I didn't have much for red fabric that caught my attention... until I noticed this red plaid shirt.  Perfect!  Then I found a flowered shirt and then ... oh my... I found a red corduroy little girls dress.  They all went together perfectly!

It took a little longer to cut out the pattern pieces and think how it could all work together, but this is the final result ~  Sorry for the bad photo quality, but it's late and the sun has long since gone down.

 Front and back of the flowered material with one pocket
Did anyone notice the "missing button"... well, I left it instead of fixing it.  I liked it that way... we're all missing a few of those :)
 Front and back of the red plaid material with a pocket and flower applique detailing with handstitching.
 A dragonfly applique on the strap
More details on this one coming.

Update ~ here are some details.  This tote is in the mail already, so I can blog more about it.
 It was made for a cousin who has a love of nature in her bones and did some time tree planting... I assumed she has wore some plaid in her lifetime.  I know her man has!
The flower was for some girl power and to take time to smell the roses, so to speak.
The corduroy material was from a little girls dress, and they have one of those too!
The dragonfly was her personal request, so I appliqued it on with gold thread to symbolize how precious she is in God's eyes.  Also a reminder to enjoy all those golden life moments.

I think it turned out very functional and pretty too....like most of us women right?!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Lil' girls Orange Sherbert Apron

Last night I finished another lil' helper apron for a special order.  A grandmother ordered another apron to match with the Sweet Cupcake apron and approx. size 2-4.
The problem I had with finishing an apron at night and then delivering it the next morning was in photo taking.  I took these photos at night, and we have poor lighting in our house.  These were taken on the chimney :)

Changed Sweet Cupcake a little to make the neck adjustable

This morning on my way to work, I grabbed the aprons and took some photos in the wood shed again.  The colour is more true

Matching lil' helper aprons

Now off they go!
NOTE:  I will be a guest blogger on another blog from the US in March. I will be doing a Tutorial on this lil' helper apron... always nice to challenge ourselves isn't it ?  Ha ha

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blue Bubbles Tote

This one is reversible again but with a tie around the strap if needed.  It can be tied shut or just tied into a bow for looks.

 The other side, slight differences for our different moods of course.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mother ~ Daughter Full Aprons

These 2 were another special order for a Grandmother and Granddaughter

Grandmother's Apron
Grand daughter

Butterflies are on both.  One with red tones, one with green

Rear view of adult apron

Some detailing on the child's

Knotted adjustments on adult apron

Friday, 27 January 2012

3 Little Gals Aprons

These were for a special order for someone's nieces.  They had some favorite colors and I tried to find fabrics in my collection that would work on short notice.
You look, you pray, you look some more, you pray, you cut, you pray again and VOILA ~ this was the outcome!

The first is brown with pink tones.  Shown on a 10 year model who wears a little larger size.

Front side rounded pocket, ruffled edging, adjustable neck strap

Tie neck strap for some adjustment

Little bow and button detail on the waistband

 2nd one was lime green with pink tones and my 8 year old daughter really liked it.  She was a happy model for me.
 Front pocket and 3 way adjustable neck straps in the back with a tie as well.

Loving the way the back turned out with the polka dots

 3rd one was pinks.  I added some blue and red tones for contrast and it turned out very sweet.

My happy toothless 8 year old model!

 These full aprons with adjustments should fit a young baker/cook for a few years.  Made with bright colors, they reflect their personality and also hide little spills and unavoidable stains.  $25 Taxes Included, Shipping extra, local delivery FREE.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sunny Sixties Ladies Apron

Another Sunny Sixties Apron

I had cut out 3 different patterns for different sizing from this same fabric.  See the post below for the one I cut out without a pattern.

This is to be a ladies, with 3 way adjustable shoulder straps.

 Girls thought I should make a flower on it to join the stripe of material with the yellow... They think it turned out cute.
 On the shortest adjustment and criss-crossed in the back.
Straight shoulder straps on the longest adjustment.

Thought I'd compare the 1st Sunny Sixties with the 2nd.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Apron Photo Shoot

Aprons and more aprons

I've been trying out a bunch of apron patterns I have gathered up.  The tricky part is that some don't have ANY instructions.  Now, I am an instruction type gal ~ I like details and more details.  This has been a stretch for me and .... wonder of wonders... I am actually LOVING it!

This is the 1st time in my short sewing career that I haven't had to rip out any stitches.  Once, the machine bunched a little at the start of a seam.  Usually it does that about every 3rd seam.  I have this feeling that God is blessing this time for me.

These aprons may be used for presents and some may be sold (gotta pay for that material somehow!)  Good quality cotton fabric is such a joy to sew with ~ it really doesn't compare with anything else I have used.  Worth every dime.

Half Apron with eyelet trim and rounded waist

Now you can look good as you work

Half apron with wrap around tie and small eyelet trim

Eyelet detailing on the hem ~ gives a nice feminine touch

Too pretty to work?

Full apron with ruffles and polka dot pocket

Made for hard labor :)
Full apron with adjustable tie at neck and
wide waist band

Time for a break!

Aprons and totes

Same as the pink, scalloped edging, but more modern look.

Country Gingham apron

With button up back shoulder straps

I wasn't going for a behind shot, but I love the bow and buttons!

Reversible stylish tote!  My Mom says it's "Classy".  Maybe she's hinting?

Sweetheart Cupcake aprons for little bakers.
Modeled on my 8 year old ~ She's as adorable as the apron!

A little baker's apron
This has turned into a favorite pattern.  I changed a couple things to make it sit better, and I will making many more of these.
Large detailed pocket

2 buttons for adjustment
10 year wearing on longest

8 year old wearing on shortest adjustment

"upcycled" sundress 

I like to make the neck tie a little adjustable ~
so I leave one end "out" and this one I turned into a bow.
You could undo it, then redo it to lengthen or shorten it.