Sunday, 5 February 2012

A boy's apron and lil' girls aprons

I am working on another special order for a Grandma in Manitoba.  Here is one of the little girls aprons that is done.  My 8 year old toothless wonder is the model.
 The apron has a tie neck strap for adjustment and a waistband tie as well.  My goal is for the younger age group aprons to fit for longer than 1 year!
The next is for a little 3 year old manly helper ... 
 Oh sorry, this man is not 3 years old... but he thought he'd try it on for size.  Goof!
 Here it is.  Blue material with a Safari print for the accents.
Adjustable neck length and an antler button for this little man!

Next up is another little gals apron, for a sister of the above Pretty in Purple
 Approx. size 5-8 this apron has an adjustable tie neck strap and a double ruffle on the skirt.

It's a joy to get my own girls involved ~ they picked out the materials for me and told me what to do!
Now here is the final one ~ a request for "pink" ~ girls picked these to go together.
Tie Neck
Double Skirt Ruffle
Wrap-around waistband ties

With a wider waist band, it can easily be folded in half to allow the little girl to grow into it

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