Saturday, 7 December 2013

Owl Mug Hugs to keep your coffee or tea mug cozy

Little owl mug hugs ~ keep your tea, cider or coffee cozy and make your day a little brighter with these hugs.

The snow is falling sideways...must be a blizzard!

 Available is slightly different styles and sizes, most are $6 each 
 Larger mug hugs are $8 each

 Buttons can be done up in a couple different ways, depending on your mug

 Keep your hands and your drink warm

Monday, 2 December 2013

Crochet Ladies Toque

I have to admit that I had purchased this yarn and made the hat with great hopes that it would be mine ~ well, it's just too big for this little noggin.  Now it could be yours!  My pain is your gain!
Approx. size ladies Medium - Large
With ear flaps and long braided tassels $20

Close up to show the color scheme, very soft yarn

Carry all Tote Bag

These tote bags are in a "carry all" style... useful for shopping trips, carrying your library books, or whatever.

Large totes $10, small tote $7
 Large Pink Tote is SOLD.
Showing inside, made of a heavy linen/canvas fabric

2 pockets on the inside of this bag ~ $10

Smaller bag was meant for a little girls doll, etc as it is a little longer, though shorter in height ~ $7

Homemade Natural Lip Balms

These Natural Lip Balms are made by hand by my daughter Kate and her friend Leah.  They are made with natural ingredients such as bees wax, coconut oil, avocado oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa and essential oils. A complete listing is available.

Four flavors available, each tube is $4
~ Coco Mint
~ Vanilla Mint
~ Spearmint
~ Natural unflavored

My daughter has her own Facebook page titled "GreenLeaf Creations", but she has asked that I feature the lip balms through my blog as well.  They sold so well at the Red Bow Shopping event that they made some more in the afternoon.  A portion of her profits go to purchase chickens/rabbits for families in 3rd world countries.

An Owl Mug Hug

Finished this crochet Owl Mug Rug to make anyone smile while they drink their tea or coffee or cider...
It features a button closure so that it will fit over a large handle mug as well as a travel mug.

This one is spoken for already, but I will be making more and they will be available for order or purchase for $6 each.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Two Purple Pinwheels Girls Aprons

Finished these two Purple Pinwheels Girls Aprons and thought they could sold as a pair or individually.

Purple Pinwheels Size 7-11

Purple Pinwheels Size 3-5
 Fully lined, with a purple ruffle hem. Purple button neck strap. 
 Both aprons are fully lined

Shown together

Both aprons sell for $20 each.  Shipping available.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

2 Lil' Red Girls Aprons

Oh how good it feels to be able to update this blog once again!  The sewing machine has sat collecting dust all through out the summer.
My husband also brought me an old Viking sewing machine home, so these are the first two aprons that I have sewn on it.  Still working out the kinks, but I think I like the "new" machine.
Seen on a 10 year old model
 The first one is approx. size 7-11 year old.

 Cute little ric rac detail and 2 red buttons for height adjustment on the neck strap.
Comparison of 2 Lil' Reds Aprons.
 Approx. size 5-9 years old.

 Four extra buttons for added cuteness as well as functioning to adjust the height.

Aprons are $20 each.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Girls Purple Pinwheels Apron

Another darling Purple Pinwheels girls apron.  Approx. sizing 5-8.

Fully lined, purple ruffle hem

Neck strap has a little heart detailing
Approx. size 5-8 ~ $20

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Four Little Girls Aprons hangin' from the tree ~

Finished three little girls aprons, have another almost finished, so I'll add it later.

Yes, I haven't done very much sewing this winter ~ we've moved to another province and I have to use my dining room for sewing ~ thus, not much sewing was accomplished.

I am also working with a "new" old Singer sewing machine and it seems to love the oil.  It's pretty high maintenance.

I will be experimenting with different spots to take photos as well...

( Wondering if the girls little playhouse will be conducive for photos)
 Purple flowers apron in size 1-3 littlest girl size.
Size 1-3
It features 2 adjustment buttons at the neck and a tie waist.  It is fully lined and has a dainty lace hem ~ $15

Size 3-5
A "sister" apron ~ I made 2 aprons with only slight differences.  Both have a 2 button adjustable neck strap and a high waist band tie.  They both have a delicate lace hem.

Size 1-3 and size 3-5 aprons.
Perfect for sisters, friends or cousins!

Size comparison

 Purple Pinwheels size 2-5 girls ~ $15
 This style features the long over the shoulder-to-waist strap for maximum adjustment.  Fully lined.
 Purple Poppies Girls size 2-5 apron ~ $15
Same style as above, slight various in width of bib apron.  Fully lined, full long adjustable shoulder-to-waist.