Friday, 24 February 2012

Bantam Chickens 3 to 4 Months Old

This is one of Mom's ugly white meat birds.
They are bred to get fat.  They can hardly walk their breasts are huge.
They will taste good. They are 2 months old.
We are not into buying the chickens like the ones above, but we'll go with some Heritage breeds later for some of our own meat birds.
MMMM pullet egg

More of Mom's Brown ISA pullets.  They will be nice layers.
They are 2.5 months old and they will be sold.

So pretty, this is another Americauna 
It has the beard.

"Licorice" we hatched from a neighbor's bantam egg.
She loves to walk the line
Little Buff Japanese beside the Black Brahma

Another pullet we hatched.  Brown ISA/ Buff Orpington cross
Getting a little big to pick up!
That's an armful

Fluffball ~ Black Cochin Hen ~
She just may end up in the family Christmas photos ~ ha!

Beautiful Tiny little Buff Japanese Rooster...
We think they are all hoo

Black Brahma
All 4 again are roosters and we may eat them because they are huge

ERNIE!  Isn't he lovely?  He may get to stay and live his life out with some lady types!
He is an Americauna rooster...full beard, thus he's named after Grandpa

Black Brahma rooster and regular pullet.  I think he may be good eating.

White Silkie ~ at first they were scared, now they are getting friendly!

Fluffball and Goofball

White Silkie loves the attention

BB Red English Rooster ~ just like in the books.  Stunningly beautiful. Update:  He's a Brown Leghorn!
 Well, we counted our hens yesterday and we hatched 17 Buff Orpington (Cornpops) and Brown ISA hens.  They have started to lay, but we believe the roosters are eating some of eggs if we don't get there fast enough.
There are 14 bantam hens out of 25.  Some breeds were all roosters, so that is sad.  We were hoping to get one hen at least from each random variety.  The roosters are driving the hens a little batty right now and we're trying to sell or barter them off quickly.
It has been a great experience though for all of us and maybe next year we won't have the need to buy any.  Perhaps the bantams will get broody and do their thing.  Nothing like watching a Momma hen with her chicks.  That will be new for my girls.  If you live nearby, come have a look see and pass along the word that there are chickens to be had!

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