Friday, 24 February 2012

Mailing Chickens with Canada Post!

Days like today I love Canada Post...they deliver baby chicks!  hee hee.  Mom drove to the post office and came home with a cute little brown box of cheeping fluff balls.
They are an assorted pack of Bantams, male/female and cute to beat the band!  Some have fluffy feet...
Black Cochins
Some are whitish color, with black legs and white fluff on their feet.
White Silkie Bantams
The brown and black ones
Partridge Cochin
Notice the size difference...the yellow are the smallest I have ever seen.  I think they are a Japanese breed, little legs but full of spunk! The one beside walks over it!  The big guy is the Black Brahma or maybe an Americauna.  We have no idea which chicks were the Americauna's.

I am going to look them up later for the actual type of bantam they are...for now I need to move them into another room so I don't listen to them ALL night long!
They cost about $5 Cdn each, plus tax and shipping, so praying they all survive...
IN OTHER NEWS ~ We have taken out the turning rack on the Hova-Bator and will await hatching hopefully near the end of the weekend.  I am a little concerned as some seem to have a lot of space left in the egg, although they are moving lots.  Maybe they are just a few days behind.  Last hatch for us and then onto gardening and yard work!  If I steal myself away and pry my girls away from these cuties!  They are so much fun and I think every child should raise a chick at some time.

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