Saturday, 11 May 2013

Four Little Girls Aprons hangin' from the tree ~

Finished three little girls aprons, have another almost finished, so I'll add it later.

Yes, I haven't done very much sewing this winter ~ we've moved to another province and I have to use my dining room for sewing ~ thus, not much sewing was accomplished.

I am also working with a "new" old Singer sewing machine and it seems to love the oil.  It's pretty high maintenance.

I will be experimenting with different spots to take photos as well...

( Wondering if the girls little playhouse will be conducive for photos)
 Purple flowers apron in size 1-3 littlest girl size.
Size 1-3
It features 2 adjustment buttons at the neck and a tie waist.  It is fully lined and has a dainty lace hem ~ $15

Size 3-5
A "sister" apron ~ I made 2 aprons with only slight differences.  Both have a 2 button adjustable neck strap and a high waist band tie.  They both have a delicate lace hem.

Size 1-3 and size 3-5 aprons.
Perfect for sisters, friends or cousins!

Size comparison

 Purple Pinwheels size 2-5 girls ~ $15
 This style features the long over the shoulder-to-waist strap for maximum adjustment.  Fully lined.
 Purple Poppies Girls size 2-5 apron ~ $15
Same style as above, slight various in width of bib apron.  Fully lined, full long adjustable shoulder-to-waist.