Sunday, 19 February 2012

My first Rag Quilt

This first time rag quilt was inspired by the same group of ladies and I went crazy buying flannel fabric for awhile.  I made 2 (?) baby blankets during this time as well and some of this fabric was leftover from them.
 Guessing time frame, this was before 2008 sometime because we were still in Manitoba.
The side with the seams fraying up

 The squares are all precut.  Then cut the cotton fill minus the seam allowances for around it.  Sandwich them and stitch an X.  Then compile them into whatever design you want and start sewing rows.  
The beauty of this is that the seams are outside and later you clip them and they fray in the wash. (Flannel shrinks when you wash it and frays nicely, tightening the seams too).  
DO NOT PREWASH your fabric!

I did the smaller squares flipped the other way so it frayed on the other side

 I wanted it super big for when we were reading or watching a movie in our cold Manitoba house.  Filled with Warm'n'Natural Cotton fill again.  It is toasty warm.
It is large enough to cover our queen bed
and still hang down a bit.
 The goal was to have one side more "fun" and one more "serious".  Girls just placed them wherever and we went with it!  It IS easier to have it pre thought out.  Next time~!

We noticed something with this fabric after making a baby blanket
~ it glows in the dark!

Not all corners matched up perfectly
I hope this motivates others to try new things ~ don't be so concerned that every corner is perfect!  We have been snuggling under this blanket for many years now and it is still holding together nicely and glowing in the dark too!

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