Friday, 24 February 2012

Baby Chicks 8 Days and 4 Days Old

The 8 day old chicks are already getting their tail feathers.  I believe these are going to pretty chickens with speckled/colored wing feathers!  The baby bantams are looking smaller and smaller as the other chicks grow bigger.

Look at my feathers...and aren't I so cute standing in my feed dish?
Update: These chickens grew up to be a lovely golden color with VERY fluffy behinds!
2 tiny bantams standing beside the others, their favorite spot to cuddle up.  
It's like the others are their Mom.

Looking up at another chick

This is "Pepper" Ruth's little one...regular feet.

See my tail feathers?

Last night this is how I left them when I went to a little fuzzy carpet.  Notice 4 are in the feed dish!  One's head is dangling out.

Mei's little "Cookie"...if you look closely your eyes really aren't playing tricks on you...his/her feet are growing fuzzy feathers!  Adorable yes!

Notice the size difference!  The little black one in the back is Kate's "Licorice".... Her 1st licorice had a bad leg that could not be fixed. After many tears for all of us, she claimed another Licorice as her own, and left the 1st to chicky heaven.

The 8 day old chicks were from our own Buff Orpington Rooster " Cornpops" and our regular Brown ISA laying hens.  The 4 day olds are the bantam/heritage breed mix we ordered and received in the mail!

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