Friday, 23 March 2012

Cleaning out the chicken coop

Oh the joys of cleaning up chicken poop after a long winter of collecting the "chicken gold".  We wait for a warm day and then start shoveling!  The hay/poop/chicken gold goes out to a manure pile in the pen outside and then we compost and wait for the rain and the sun to do it's work and give us some nice fertilizer in a few years.

Girls hauling the shop vac to the barn

Yes, I'm using the shop vac to get the cobwebs
 Did you know a crow bar works really well to scrape into the corners of the nests?  After they were cleaned out we used some Detol (spelling?) disinfectant as we didn't have anything else to use.  Then we let them sit for a few days to air out.
 While dear hubby was constructing some new chicken pens, he remembered some cool tools he had in the shop.
Neatest little tool ~ it uses a 22 shell to power the nail into concrete.
 The girls had fun using the hammer to "bang" the top of the tool so the 22 shell's gun powder would power the nail through the wood and into the concrete.  Tweety Bird had to check out what all the noise was about...
 ain't he a sweet heart?  Such a friendly little rooster!
Mei had some difficulty hammering her nail, but it was great fun to watch...girls like to help their Dad build things and it's a great learning time. 

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