Thursday, 22 March 2012

Doll Birthday Party Favors

My daughter's love their American Girl dolls ~ yes, we are Canadian, but they love the history in the books and how the characters relate to them.  So, often we have Birthday parties with their dolls.  This time I made some little apron's for their dolls and the "Mommy" got to decorate them for the doll.

 Oh wait, that one is "Lammie" who our eldest has had since she was an itsy bitsy baby.
Simple rectangle, with a pleat and waistband sewn on

Lammie and Kit model their new aprons

 Girls decorating using fabric markers and pens

Julie and Julie with their Aprons

Can't leave out the cow either

The birthday girl models her new purple apron
 Why is it that when you are selling items (like apron's) your own children have to wait and wait for theirs?  Well, maybe it has to do with the fact that it's hard to hide what you are doing!  Managed to surprise our daughter with this one as her b'day gift from us... glad she approved!
Back straps were a little long, so I tied a little knot in them for now.  

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