Friday, 9 March 2012

A meal for under $1 each

This is how we enjoyed a wonderful meal for 5 people for under $5 ~ seriously!

 Venison steaks ~ $0.25/lb (because we did this all ourselves)
Asparagus $1.89/lb (biggest expense and treat)
Mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, (about $1 worth)
Rice Noodles (used half a package for $1)
It was delicious and frugal.  We're going gluten free, so I am keeping track of the price difference.  We are not nearly as hungry all the time as when we were eating wheat and my hubby bought about $40 worth of veggies on his way home from Calgary and we're still eating from them 1 week later.
Note to self: It can be done!

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