Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hens hatching out little chicks!

Please see my earlier post on when we set the chickens, but here is an update! Click HERE for the earlier post.

Day 19 we were hearing little chirps from the eggs, day 20 there were Pips and Zips and Chicks!
4 chicks were hatched before 10 pm on Day 20.  2 from the silkie, 2 from the Buff Orp/Isa brown hen.

Put up some plastic mesh to ensure none fell out into the other chickens
These hens started brooding before we had separated all the hens and roosters into the proper groupings, so we're not sure what our mixes are yet.  Should make for a fun guessing game!
Americauna/??? chick has pipped day 20
 We thought the above egg would be the first out, but nope....a little "Rosie" egg hatched quickly!
Partridge Cochin pair.  The hen "Rosie" is the mother to the first egg hatched

eggs under "Trudi" the Buff Orpington/ISA brown that we hatched 11 months ago

First chick out!  A Partridge Cochin/Buff Japanese we think DAY 20
 The hen is so fascinating to watch...she tucks the chick in, clucks to it, pecks things off it, almost kisses it, then shoves it to the back of her.  It was dry by the time we checked again 1.5 hours later.
"Crystal" 1st chick out ~ from a little black bantam's green egg
 This white Silkie hen was grooming herself so much as the chick hatched, then would sorta clean out the egg shell and groom some more.  The Silkies make more "clicking" noises with their beaks to the chick.  Very interesting to see up close.
Can still see shell stuck to it.  The Momma pecks this off
By morning of Day 21, Silkie has hatched 4 / 5 eggs and they are all fluffy.  Buff hen has hatched at least 6 (counting from empty shells) and has at least one more egg pipped.

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