Thursday, 1 March 2012

A New Jersey Giant Rooster ~ Louie!

Oh what fun it is to trade and barter chickens!  Our latest trade has been for a very gentle giant ~ a Jersey Giant Rooster.  He is approx. 6 months old and will still grow some she says.  He is black and very nice. 
 Here he is getting used to his new perching grounds
 Debbi ~ Americauna cross that lays green eggs, but here is mothering a brown one
 Aren't chickens fun to watch?  She didn't want to come out of her nest I guess
Ruth and Rosie

 Rosie ~ Partridge Cochin
I love Licorice in this one
 The girls 3 Chick-a-teers
Rosie, Tweety Bird (roo) and Licorice

I think Rosie is telling them to behave themselves

It's not working!

A buff orpington/ISA brown we hatched last year... she is broody

 The hens sure love to dust bathe... glad we brought in dirt last fall to keep them busy and happy
"Brownie" the Brown Leghorn Rooster

"Rocky" the Partridge Cochin Rooster for Rosie

Aww sweet Silkie darling

Big "Mr. Bean" the Black Brahma Rooster
 Poor Mr. Bean will now loose some of his hens to "Louie" as Louie's chicks will have more meat.

Silly Louie!  Jersey Giant Rooster


  1. Awesome post here, you have beautiful birds, and Rosie is so pretty, love a girl who can find happiness with birds - I need a new batch of turkeys and chicks this springs but can not find a hatchery in BC. Do you know of one? peace

    1. I do know of some locals that do it as a business with heritage breeds, etc. Don't know exactly where you are located, so how about we email?
      cariboogals at gmail dot com for me! Funny that my girl in the photo is Ruth as well! Beautiful name...


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