Monday, 19 March 2012

3 Lil' Dotty Aprons all in a row ...

Two more darling "Lil' Dotty" red aprons were added today for the little girls aprons. That makes 3 in total and now my own 8 year old wants to keep one, so I said I'll make her one using some of the leftover materials from these.

I'm noticing my wood pile is getting a little lower than when I started sewing this fall !

~ I had my 8 year daughter try this on and she did NOT want to take it off ~
 Tie adjustment for the neck to make sure it fits perfectly ~ Approx. Size 6-9 yrs ~ $20
Approx. Size 5-7 ~ $20

Shown together to show slight sizing difference
These "Lil' Dotty"  Aprons are available for purchase.  I'm loving the red tones!

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