Sunday, 22 January 2012

Little Girls Outfits

Sewing little girls dresses and pinafores ~ Holly Hobbie fun!

    I had the joy to be able to get out some of my old sewing patterns from thrift stores, etc and get creative.  Another wee little niece was born unto my hubby's sister, so the girls and I thought that somewhat matching outfits would be cute.  We think they turned out well.  I did some adapting in length, but that was it.  One pattern was missing the sleeves, etc, so I improvised as I could, but I'm not real comfortable with that.  The biggest problem I have is knowing what size to sew.  Go for a tad larger, then they grow into it at least.  I choose size 2 for the "big sister" who is 2 years old and petite.  Choose Newborn size for the baby who last I heard was 8.5 lbs.

Newborn size, seems large.  Reversible with bloomers
Ruth's corduroy pants, real sheep fleece felted for a tail
 Wanted to use little bunny buttons, but being reversible, they would really poke.  As it is, I think she may need to change the tail as well.  Quilting fabric came in handy.  Girls helped pick out everything.  "Not too pink for Uncle, but pink enough for J"
The other side, green swirls from our girls quilts.  Blanket stitched with embroidery floss around the bunny while we watched Vancouver play some fun hockey!

This was a favorite pattern because it was so easy when I was first learning to sew.  Made it even easier using ribbon for the ties so it can be adjusted.  Either a shirt or a little short dress.  Used antique rick rack for trim, not an itchy lace fan myself.  Sewed the bonnet to match either outfit hopefully.  Girls wanted S to be able to match with her big cousins if they get to play anytime soon.  The bloomers also have an edging of rick rack along with the bonnet brim.

Can you tell I love the look of rick rack?
The Holly Hobbie pattern, basic dress, made some sleeves for it.  Couldn't find a zipper foot...ah, the stress of it all!  ha ha.  Managed just fine and it worked out.
If it is too small for the 2 year old, the newborn will grow into it or her Mommy can chop it up and use it for something really cool and creative.
 Eyelet pinafore.

 Kate thought these little pink hippos were perfect to finish the outfit off, and I'd agree.  Gotta get more creative in my sewing!

Had oh so much fun sewing these!  Can't wait to get sewing more again.

Finished product, unwashed, but ready to mail away.

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