Friday, 6 April 2012

Girls "True Blue" Apron

A friend of my daughter pointed to this blue fabric as her favorite, so her Mom asked if I could make it into an apron.  I was nervous about having enough fabric and how to put it together, but it quickly became one of my favorites! 

 Features some heart applique with hand blanket stitch on the double pockets.
 Double lace trim with blue flowers
 Buttons inside and out for option for securing the neck strap.  Also 4 buttonholes to grow along with the little girl.  Triple lined bib .
 Can be tied in the front when the child is younger
My model was being a bit of a monkey, but here it is on an 8 year old, yet it also fits my 11 year old, so hopefully they get a few years out of it.


  1. This is adorable Jo. There's just something about a blanket stitch, so simple, yet so adorable.

    I've got some fabric that is absolutely perfect for an apron, and I've been searching for that "perfect pattern" but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? Websites you know of with great patterns? Tried and true adult sized patterns?

  2. I left a reply on your blog Chris T.


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