Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mixed Heritage Breed Chicks are hatched!

All chicks hatched!

Day 21 is drawing to a close and all viable eggs hatched ~ only 2 eggs weren't viable and they were both the green Americauna eggs.  Interesting.

We have moved both hens into separate large dog crates with waterers and chick starter and a bit of hay for a nesting spot.  They sure love on their chicks!

Here's some photos for those of us that love these little balls of fluff.  We don't know exactly what cross breeds these are yet, just what the hen was...we definitely have one chick from the Brahma rooster "Mr. Bean"... it's huge!

 Had to include the above picture.  L-R Trudi the broody hen, Snowball the hen laying an egg, Caramel the next broody hen with almost 2 weeks left.
We put mess up to protect them and keep them all in the nesting area
The hens are pretty protective right now, so maybe tomorrow I'll get up close pictures of all the fuzz balls!
See, she laid an egg.  Almost everyday.  These eggs will be Partridge Cochin/White silkie mix

The 5th one must be hiding, but aren't they sweet?

Getting tired of posing for pictures

 So sweet how they don't care what breed of chick they hatch, they are their babies!

They are SO incredibly soft, and yes, we love on them too!

1 of Licorice's little eggs is black like her.  She's a mix breed bantam herself.

All moved into a larger pen for the time being.
Have I said how much fun this is?  If anyone is local, just let me know if you want to come out and take in this "show" of nature!

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