Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chicken Hens and Roosters and Chicks

It's that wonderful time again when nothing says spring like the Cheep Cheep of baby peeps. 
We had 2 hens hatch out 13 chicks for us and this weekend another hen may hatch out 10 for us.  All these chicks were a "barnyard mix breed" as we hadn't separated our roosters from the hens.  We could tell who the hen was from the egg (obviously) but not the rooster.  A couple look pretty obvious, but the rest are leaving us guessing.

Well, now we have had our roosters and hens separated into individual pens.  This is what we have right now in a little incubator, but I am always nervous that they may not hatch.  Nervous Nelly.

The pure Partridge Cochin Pair.

 The above rooster "Rocky" is also fathering the white silkie chicks below.  There are 6 of these combo's eggs under the next broody hen "Caramel" that will hatch this weekend :) YEAH
"Tweety Bird" the Buff Japanese Rooster has 1 lady friend "licorice" a black mix breed bantam
 This little rooster sure got around...we think a lot of the eggs that were under the broody's were his!
"Licorice" black bantam mix breed, lays a blue green egg almost every day
 We have 1 black/brown chick from Licorice under the broody's and she is adorable!
"Brownie" the Leghorn Rooster has 3 Leghorns, 2 grey Americaunas, 1 Easter egger/sussex?
Some of Leghorn's hens
"Debbi" the cross hen, with Leghorn roo
We have 1 chick from the broody's that is already showing a nice beard... so funny!
Brown ISA/Buff Orpington and pure ISA Browns are with 1 of the following roos

"Louie" the Jersey Giant Roo
 We don't know how good a job he is doing, as I've thrown away some of his eggs, the hens peck at his feet, so we have to really watch him.  Hoping to get some chicks from him for the size would be better for the dinner table.
Mr. Bean, the Dark Brahma Roo with ISA Brown hens
The Brahma/ISA cross should be cute.  We've got a few chicks from the broody hens that look like a Brahma cross and they are pretty cute... hoping for a few hens!

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