Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A little sewing, a little hatching, a little gardening...

These 3 things make for a happy woman...ME!
So here's a little update on the chicks we have right now.  We've had all 3 hens hatch out for us...the last one "Caramel" hatched 10 eggs for us.  We also had a friend hatch out 7 eggs for us and then we brought home 6 more of her chicks.  They are in the house...let the fun begin!

 Trudy and Crystal have started to mother hen together... the chicks jump all over them and go back and forth between the two.  They still know who is their Momma, but the Momma's aren't so protective anymore.  The chicks can now have playdates!
My Dad thought this was so funny ~ White Silkie hen with little black bantam chick!
The promise of seasons...spring flowers!

Over estimated the popcorn

 These 2 little yellow chicks were from our laying hens brown eggs, BUT they have fuzzy feet.  Conclusion ~ Mr. Bean the Brahma rooster is the chicky daddy.  Can't wait to see what they turn out like!

Little bearded chick named "Tiger" due to it's Bounciness
 Girls put all 13 chicks on Daddy.  If you can see, the one furthest up his arm by his elbow has chipmunk fat cheeks!  Definite Americauna, crossed with our Danish Leghorn rooster.
 This little black chick is an Australorp I think....it is very sleepy and cuddly...as you can see from the following pictures.  It sleeps in any sort of position and they called it "Hyper Hazel" for fun.


We have 3 of these Australorp and they are so sweet!
 Mei was taking pictures of our 3 little Grey Orpingtons...isn't she cute?  If I say SHE maybe SHE will be a SHE???

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