Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rosie Tote Bag and Rosie the Hen

I had found an old little girls red corduroy dress at the Share Shed and thought how cute parts of it would be "upcycled".  Again, this one is reversible, although I made it more like a lining this time, as I think this bag will be for me!  For our trip to the ocean in June...

Details from the little dress

The lining with a large pocket

Other side of the front, more pocket options
 This bag reminds me of our "Rosie" hen.  My daughter Ruth's little Partridge Cochin.  She faithfully sat on 5 little eggs and while she had messed (pooped) all over them within the first few days, they all developed!  Only 1 didn't hatch and I was counting my blessings that any had!  4 chicks/5 eggs is not bad at all!
Rosie, isn't she cute?

She now has 3 little chicks like the one above ( Brown Danish Leghorn, some Americauna) and 1 that is a golden color ( Brahma/Buff Orpington).  What a blessing to have another favorite chicken hatch out for us!  2 more broody hens are setting still, so we'll see what we end up with in the end!

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