Friday, 24 August 2012

Cookies 'n' Creme Mother Daughter Aprons

A friend had given me some material to use for an apron for her daughter in law.  It was in black/cream tones and the sizes dictated the look of the apron.  I was very pleased with it and oh my, there was enough to make a little girls apron as well!

Mother Daughter Aprons like Cookies'n'Creme

Mom's apron with 2 pockets and wrap around waist
 I had just just enough eyelet to make a hem, it was fun to use up some of my sewing bits and pieces
Daughter's apron
 Daughter's apron has 2 little tucks/pleats in the bib and adjustable neck strap as well.  Hopefully she will grow into it and get a little use out of it.
 Mom's pocket has a lace trim
 Girls apron with a little bow, this could be taken apart to lengthen the strap if need be.
Silly me modelling the Mom's apron

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