Thursday, 26 July 2012

Where are my canning jars?

Ever start the summer canning season asking yourself the question
"Where oh where are all my canning jars?  Didn't I have more than this??"

That is me.  Sent my willing hubby to the root cellar outside to look.  He came back with some, but not the ones I wanted.  So I went a 'lookin' ~ oh there you are my canning jars!  Right where I left you ~ in the root cellar with canned peaches, dilled carrots, tomatoes and such in them.  HUMMMM

Maybe I can go a little easier on myself this canning season?

Are 32 jars of cherries a little excessive?  ha ha!  Did 6 jars of saskatoons and 3 batches of strawberry/rhubarb jam so far.

I think I'll start up the dehydrator now ~ dried herbs are a little easier to move than jars of cherries!

Happy canning everyone!

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